Emma Nagel Senior Session

Mrs. Valencia was an integral part of my child’s college admissions process. From tracking her high school courses to researching different universities that she knew had programs that went along with my daughter’s passions and interests, we truly could not have done it without her. She made the entire process manageable and we were completely confident that our daughter was on track to get accepted to the best university fit for her because of Mrs. Valencia’s expertise and guidance.

Wendy S. (Teacher and Parent)

College prep can be extremely stressful on both the parents and our kids. We would sit down with our son to talk about college plans and never gained any ground because none of us knew what we were doing. Susie Valencia has been the savior that we needed to help out our senior for preparing for college. She took the reins with her vast knowledge of the college environment and career pathways to our son navigate through multiple college applications and scholarship opportunities. Because of her ability to act as a mentor and formulate a clear and concise plan of attack for college applications and essays, our son has been successful in meeting every application deadline and is so far three for three in college acceptances. Most importantly, the stress from the whole process has diminished and allowed us more time to concentrate on school work and family life. Honestly, we could not have done this without Susie, Thank you Susie…we have two more of our kids will be definitely coming your way.

Brian Olson (Parent)


Thanks to the superb guidance from Susie Valencia, our son was accepted into every college he applied to! Susie is a wealth of experience and knowledge. Combined with her gift for making an overwhelming process simpler and less stressful, she is truly a blessing to college-bound students and their families. Susie genuinely cares about the success of each and every student. She knows what she is doing and she does it well!

Erin P. (Parent)

It was such a blessing to have Susie Valencia’s guidance during my son’s application process. Her Knowledge and expertise made this experience so much easier that if we had tried to do it ourselves. She was hands on with my son and kept him on track with his college lists, applications, and essays. I give Valencia Educational Consulting my highest recommendation.

Jennifer M (Parent)

caldwell graduation

I highly recommend Susie Valencia with Valencia Educational Consulting. Her years of expertise make her the perfect choice for students looking for direction and guidance in college choices, career advise, and organizational structures and supports. Susie is relatable, kind, thorough, and inspiring. Students will enjoy time with her and will benefit greatly from her direction and support.

Dani H. (Teacher and Student Support Coordinator)