Navigating College Admissions in a low-stress, high-accountability, and results-driven advising relationship

2024 College Acceptance

 * Appalachian State University * Arizona Christian University * Arizona State University * Boise State University * California State University, Fullerton (Spring 2024)  * California State University, San Marcos  (Spring and Fall 2024) * Cal Poly Pomona (Spring 2024) * Chapman University * College of Charleston * Eastern Carolina University * Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University * Grand Canyon University * Indiana University, Bloomington * Louisiana State University * Loyola Marymount University  * Ohio State University * Ole Miss * Oregon State University *  Oregon Institute of Technology * Portland State University *  Richmond-The American University in London * Santa Clara University * Southern Methodist University * Texas Christian University * University of Arizona  *  University of North Carolina, Charlotte * University of Oregon (Clark Honors College) * Washington University in St. Loius * 

What Are Colleges Looking for in Applicants?

  • Challenging coursework including Honors, AP, IB and Dual Enrollment Classes
  • High GPA (a “B” in a more difficult course is preferable to an “A” in an easier class)
  • An upward trend in grades and difficulty of coursework
  • Strong test scores, if required
  • Significant and meaningful involvement in activities outside of academic pursuits
  • Essays that highlight a student’s values and reveal who they are and what is important to them
  •  Leadership experiences
  • Impact on a student’s community
  • Recommendations from teachers who know the student well and can speak to their strengths
  • Authenticity…an application package that reveals a students true self, what they’ve accomplished, what they hope to achieve, and who they hope to become
  • Characteristics or experiences that make a student unique
  • Curiosity about academic subjects, social issues, and the world around them
  • A true interest in the school they are applying to

why Hire a College Admissions advisor??

  1. More students than ever are working with College Admissions Advisor, according to a recent survey by Lipman Hearne and the National Research Center for College and University Admissions.
  2. Students who work with an IECA member are 3 times more likely to go to college out of state.
  3. Students who work with an IECA member are 4 times more likely to attend a private school.
  4.  Evidence also suggests that students who work with an IECA member are more likely to remain in college through graduation.
  5. College admissions is a rapidly changing and dynamic industry. It is influenced by the economy, U.S. and world population demographics, the specific priorities of each institution and many other factors. It is a full time job to keep up with the latest trends in admissions.
  6. Having an expert on your team will help to sift through an incredible amount of data, rumors, and opinions to find schools that align with a student’s individual educational and career goals and improve their chances of gaining admission.
  7. Working with an advisor reduces stress and preserves the parent/child relationship in the month’s leading up to a teen leaving home and beginning the next chapter of their life.